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Iron Competition

The IRON COMPETITION 12/76 comes through a collaboration between two companies: IRON Armi and ToniSystem. The basic mechanics derives from the original IRON Armi 12 gauge project, semi-automatic and gas-operated…
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Benelli Inertia Driven System

Essential design, simple construction, easy maintenance and mechanical precision for maximum strength and reliability. The cleverness of the Benelli System lies in the rigor of its design, constructional simplicity and…
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Franchi Affinity

Franchi Affinity: Istinct and affinity: two words hunters know pretty well and without wich they don't even imagine to go hunting. Instinct: it's that inner sense that drives you when…
The DT11 is Beretta’s top-of-the-line competition shotgun, used by the world’s absolute best clay shooters. It is built around a vault-tough cross-bolt action, a whole 3mm wider than its predecessor’s…